Silent Disco Tenerife

Multi-Lingual Presentations & Excursions

With our equipment you can broadcast on up to 5 channels simultaneously which means it's perfect for excursions or presentations where you need to use 2 or 3 or even 5 languages.


We can provide equipment that either plays a prerecorded message at certain points in the excursion in the chosen language or simply use a microphone and the guide can speak to the audience in their chosen language (depending which channel the users select).


Our equipment can easily allow you to present information in multiple languages and as our headsets are over the ear and noise cancelling the user willl only hear the presentation in the language they have selected.

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Equipment Hire - Compare Pricing

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Included in Costs

Delivery, setup & testing of the equipment.

We will show you how to use the equipment and troubleshoot any problems and we will also be available to provide remote technical support.

Additional Costs

Our headsets can receive up to 3 signals from 3 separate transmitters. If needed we can provide additional transmitters at a cost of 14.99€ per transmitter so you can live play up to 3 separate signals to 3 separate channels.

Should you require a host for your event to engage with the audience and manage the music we can provide this too. Just contact us for customised pricing for your event.

National Holidays: An additional charge may be made during national holidays.

Repeat Events

If you are planning to host a Silent Disco on multiple dates or regularly then please contact us for customised pricing.